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Tzfat, the Edge of Reality

Tzfat, the Edge of Reality

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mixed media on 24"x48" canvas. 

Over the cliffs and valleys, lies a magical city. a place that’s beyond the constraints of reality, where the impossible suddenly feels attainable. Just looking out at the rolling hills that stretch on for miles creates a powerful feeling of freedom and serenity.

The idyllic views and the energy of Tzfat is so powerful. This painting brings a piece of the inspiration of the city to life. When you collect this art you will always have that feeling in your home.

 This painting is an uplifting representation of the city of tzfat. Bright colors and splashes of iridescent pigment gives this scene a real sense of vitality. The mountains on the left side of the painting is painted in vibrant shades of sky blue, seafoam green and iridescent white that eventually fades to fuchsia and rose gold. Stacked houses and buildings fill the foreground. Expressive lines resembling paths fill the right side of the painting and flow up to the luminescent sky. This is energetic but soothing painting really adds life to a space.

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