Shaindy Halperin

Fine Art

"capturing beautiful moments to live on forever"

"Some moments are just so meaningful, you never want them to be over."

 "I fell in love with Judaic Art while spending a year in Israel. I always felt inspired while walking through the streets of Jerusalem; the early morning sun illuminating the old city alleys, each person on their own journey, living genuine lives. The streets, always alive and vibrant, yet an unparalleled serenity can be sensed."

"In my art I try to capture not just the viewers eyes, but also their heart.


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“A Mothers Prayer"

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I've been drawn to art ever since I was a young girl. Throughout the years, my appreciation for the visual story has matured and developed into a unique and rich style. Using various techniques and mediums, including inks, acrylics, watercolors, oil paints and more, my art tells a deep and vivid heartfelt story.