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Mixed media on 30”x40” stretched canvas.

Inspired by the the verse in Tehilim:

אֶשָּׂ֣א עֵ֭ינַי אֶל־הֶהָרִ֑ים מֵ֝אַ֗יִן יָבֹ֥א עֶזְרִֽי עֶ֭זְרִי מֵעִ֣ם יְהֹוָ֑ה עֹ֝שֵׂ֗ה שָׁמַ֥יִם וָאָֽרֶץ׃ 

I turn my eyes to the mountains, where will my help come from? My help comes from god, maker of heaven and earth. 

 Bathed in the golden warmth of dawn, a lone figure stands atop a mountain's peak. Beneath him, the world stretches vast and unknown, mirroring the uncertainty in his heart. Yet, his gaze isn't lost in the endless sky, but fixed on a point unseen, yearning for a solace beyond the clouds. In that silent plea, hope flickers. he senses a deeper ,   presence, a guiding light leading him home
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