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Purim in Tzfat

Purim in Tzfat

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Mixed media on 27" by 36" canvas.

In a small shul in the city of Tzfat, they come together and dance. The energy can be felt in air, as they sing and dance, an outsider might wonder what happened to make these people so happy, but this pure happiness does not come from money, honor, or things, but from genuine love and unity. They may not own much but they are richer than most.

This painting is captures a moment of true joy. On the holiday of purim the streets of Tzfat is buzzing and the festive energy can be felt in the air. This piece is painted in vibrant shades of rosy pink, sky blue  and hints of lavender, creating a tasteful rainbow. The splashes of iridescent paint really makes it come alive. Just looking at this painting will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.


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