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City of Dreams

City of Dreams

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mixed media on 24"x36" canvas. 

The city of our dreams, where we long to return to. The place that’s etched into our hearts for generations. we never stop yearning for Jerusalem, our home.

This painting was created after I got back from a trip to Israel and I really felt the difference of what’s it’s like to be a Jew in America in contrast to the sense of belonging and connection that I experienced in Jerusalem.


“The City of Our Dreams” is a dreamy painting of the Kotel. The top of the canvas is filled with a turquoise, lavender, and pink sky, made of bold brushstrokes, The Kotel is painted in rich magenta, rosy pinks and bright orange. Hints of gold leaf add detail to the Kotel wall. Expressive Marks ranging from navy on the left side, to pink and peach on the right, loosely resemble flowers and leaves. Drips of pastel pink and plum purple, flow down from the kotel giving this scene a dreamlike mood.

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