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Serenity of Jerusalem II

Serenity of Jerusalem II

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mixed media on 36"x48" canvas.

Nestled Between the mountains and dessert, our safe heaven. Jerusalem, A city of gold that illuminates the world,and acts as a beacon of light for Jews around the world.

I painted this piece in the dead of winter, when the days were getting colder and darker and I missed being surrounded by the warmth and light of Jerusalem. Just thinking about being surrounded by the rolling hills and the seeing the old city skyline in the distance, immediately brightens the gloomy winter.

The process of creating this painting taught me so much about choosing to bring color and light to your life and about the power that art has, to bring the energy of a faraway place into the present.

This painting of the Jerusalem hills is an idyllic landscape full of bright colors, and lively brushstrokes. The expressive marks bring in an abstract element that adds to the dreamlike mood of the painting.


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